Women and Minorities in the Physical Sciences

WaMPS is a graduate student group at Michigan State University. Our purpose is to promote diversity in the physical sciences by encouraging women and minorities to pursue the field. We also work to support women and minorities who are already members of the physical science community.

Monthly meetings

We meet every month during the academic year. Most of our meetings are spent discussing topics related to diversity in physics or life in graduate school. Sometimes we'll send out a short article or two ahead of time to provide a starting point for our discussion.

Mentoring program

Our mentoring program is open to all MSU undergraduates. Our mentors are graduate students in physics who have been through all of the ups and downs of college, and we're happy to discuss classes, college life, applying to graduate school, or anything else.


Our members perform outreach activities at local schools and at festivals and other programs here at MSU and around the mid-Michigan area. We design, build, and perform interactive science demonstrations to show people how fun science can be!

Meet the Speaker

When possible, we try to arrange informal lunch meetings with visiting female or minority seminar speakers. These have a relaxed atmosphere where we discuss not only the speaker's research, but also his or her career path and any challenges he or she faced in his or her life.

Social events

In addition to our monthly meetings, we get together several times per semester for barbecues, picnics, and fun outdoor activities. We also have a few regular events, such as a picnic at the end of each summer for the leaving REU students.