WaMPS Officers
Picture of Adam Anthony with friends in background
Adam Anthony (he/him)

Adam the president of WaMPS, his job is basically just to make sure everything we do keeps happening. Over the pandemic he has revisited, at least briefly, almost every hobby he has had throughout his life including but not limited to: cooking, baking, knitting, modding, sowing, hacking, games of all sorts, lockpicking, reading, and consuming (a possibly unhealthy amount of) queer media. As for Adam's research, he is a nuclear experimentalist studying the fission properties of nuclei in the Pb region.
Picture of Laura Woods
Laura Wood (she/her)

Laura is the secretary in WaMPS, and she take notes at the meetings. She work in the PERL (Physics Education Research Lab), and she mainly focuses on self-efficacy to transfer and complete science degrees for two-year college and transfer students to four-year colleges. When Laura is not working, she likes reading, drawing, and teaching herself new crafts that she says she'll never finish.

Picture of Julia Hinds holding a pumpkin
Julia Hinds
Julia is the mentoring co-chair of WaMPS where she helps organize mentoring programs for people at various levels from undergrads to graduate students to postdocs. She is a second-year graduate student, and her research is looking at physics beyond the standard model, which done using the ATLAS detector at CERN. Outside of physics, Julia enjoys running, knitting, and travelling.

Picture of Roy Salinas
First year liaison
Roy Salinas
Roy is the first-year liaison between WaMPS and the current (2020-2021) first-year graduate students in the Physics and Astronomy department at MSU. While not at his desk, he enjoys reading about historical figures (gotta love T.R.) and current scientific developments, exercising, and learning new things to cook. Roy is currently part of the Lifetime group at NSCL where they are interested in spectroscopy of exotic nuclei far from stability.

Hannah Berg
Hannah is in charge of updating the website and keeping track of the email list for WaMPS. She likes to bike, knit, meet new people and dance when she isn't doing physics. Her research consists of measuring properties of nuclei that can tell us more about how heavy elements are made in the universe.
Picture of Dan Salazar
Vice President
Dan Salazar (he/him)

Dan is the vice president, he organize WaMP's meet the speaker events and is the representative for WaMPS to APS-IDEA. He is a 3rd yr graduate student who also really likes rock climbing and the great outdoors. He does dark matter (particle astrophysics) research with HAWC and IceCube experiments.
Picture of Rahul Jain
Rahul Jain (he/him)

Rahul is the mentoring co-chair of WaMPS where I help organize mentoring programs for people at various levels from undergrads to graduate students to postdocs.
He is a third year graduate student in the the Department of Physics and Astronomy.
His research is in the field of Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics where I perform nuclear physics experiments in the laboratory with exotic isotopes to understand the properties of accreting neutron star crusts.

Nicholas Cariello (he/him)
As treasurer, Nick helps allocate funds to all the great outreach programs set up by WaMPS. He is a second-year graduate student working on quantum computing applications in nuclear theory. In his free time, Nick loves playing DnD, baking, getting lost in the forest, and hanging out with his cat.

Picture of Miles Denudt
Miles DeNudt (he/him)

Miles organizes opportunities to share our community's passion for science and inspire a new generation of learners. He has been a resident of Michigan his whole life, You can catch him exploring Lansing's parks or unwinding with a game on his  off hours.
Miles is a 3rd-year graduate student in the Charge Exchange group, lead by Remco Zegers. He worked on a recent experiment utilizing a new gas-filled detector, the AT-TPC.

Picture of Bryan Stanley
Bryan Stanley
Bryan is an outreach coordinator for WaMPS. He organizes science engagement events, collaborating with community partners in developing public science programming. Bryan is a 2nd-year physics graduate student passionate about public engagement and community building around science. He works in the Physics Education Research Lab, studying informal physics, which means physics learning that does not take place in a classroom setting (ex. demo shows, public talks, open houses, etc.)