Mental Health Resources 


  1. MSU CAPS (Counseling and Psychiatric Services) - 

    1. For graduate students, undergraduate students, and employees

  1. MSU RCPD (Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities - 

    1. Register physical and mental disabilities to ensure accommodations will be made for you

    2. For graduate and undergraduate students 

  1. MSU EAP (Employee Assistance Program) -

    1. Mental health resources 

    2. For employees only (graduate employees included)

  2. MSU Thriving Campus -

    1. Provides names of off-campus mental health service providers (therapists, psychiatrists, counselors, practices, etc.)

    2. Can filter by provider’s expertise, identities, insurance, etc. 

    3. Available to all

Science Communication Accessibility Resources

1. AAPT Overview Resource on Accessible Presentations: Overview of resources for colorblindness, visual impairment, writing alternative text, Zoom presentation, etc. 

2. Dyslexia-friendly style guides: Information on fonts, font sizing, spacing of text & figures, etc.,may%20request%20a%20larger%20font 

3. Colorblindness-friendly style guides:

Simulates how people with different forms of colorblindness see images with color 

Recommended color palettes that are accessible for people with colorblindness (including hex codes) 

4. Accessibility in academic conferences: Information on etiquette, creating accessible physical spaces, spoken communication, receptions, etc. 


5. Ableist language to avoid

Propelling Women in Power Podcast: Season 1

Women are integral members of the energy science community and play an enormous role in developing an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future for the field of energy. From nuclear engineers to atmospheric scientists to ecological researchers, they inspire and empower their coworkers and mentees to break the glass ceiling while contributing to these ever-growing fields of discovery.

Hosted by Wisconsin Energy Institute assistant editor Michelle Chung and undergraduate communications intern Mary Riker, Propelling Women in Power is a podcast about the careers of women in energy at the Wisconsin Energy Institute on the UW–Madison campus and our sister institution, the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center. It is our goal to highlight their individual experiences, mentors, and work-life balance, while seeking advice for young women in science and asking the question: “Who and what facilitated your success?” Subscribe, rate, comment right now on Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Youtube or anywhere podcasts are found.

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Career and Personal Development
Resources on campus / off - campus  
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